Additional Services

Downtime Slashing Insurance

We are plenty confident on the quality of our services, that's why we provide an insurance policy that covers Downtime Slashing events caused by us in our services. If we get pennalized with this kind of slashing, we will refund you any loss you may suffer. Your funds are safe with us in case of downtime, just delegate and receive rewards, forget about losses.

We dispose of a wallet with enough funds to cover a possible downtime slashing event. A percentage of the earned commisions by the validators are sent to this account to fund it. The wallet funds can be used by Blockscope in some sort of financial product (DeFi) to increase the funds amount.

Elegible Validators:
  • Validators running in Cosmos networks, Polkadex, and Velas (more networks to come...)
  • Validators with more than 1% commission for 1 month or more before than the slashing event
  • Validators with no custom slashing insurance
Elegible Delegators:
  • Delegators with losses bigger than 5$ worth of tokens
  • Delegators that delegated to the validator one month or longer before the slashing event
  • * project or foundation delegation accounts are not elegible for this service
  • Refund calculations will be based on the day and time of the slashing event (amount, etc.)
  • Refund calculations will be based on CoinMarketCap token price data
  • Refund will be committed within the next 30 days of the slashing event date
  • Any claim or enquiry should be communicated within the next 30 days of the slashing event date. Claims communicated after that time window won't be accepted and thus invalid
Incidents covered:
  • Slashing for downtime or missed blocks
  • Slashing caused by Blockscope bad operations or negligence
  • * Double signing is not covered yet.
Incidents not covered:
  • Slashing events caused in several network validators within the same 24 hours range, based on 30% or more of the validator operators or 30% or more of the total voting power of the related network
  • Slashing caused by reasons not related to Blockscope servers, like bugs or malfunctioning in network official software
  • Slashing caused by sybil-type attacks causing a lack of consensus in the related network
  • Slashing caused by double signing attacks.